TKO FIT is a high energy 35-minute fun and friendly kickboxing based circuit training facility offering a full body workout. We cater to busy people that want to improve their health, lose weight or just maintain a healthy fit lifestyle. Many of our members are business professionals, moms, dads and student athletes looking to take their training to another level.

Meet The Team

Our team is composed of passionate and experienced individuals who are dedicated to spreading the joy of the TKO lifestyle.

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Tony Leanos


I was a multi-sport athlete as a kid. But my real passion began in H.S when I discovered wrestling. I was hooked! I competed through HS and College and have been coaching ever since. I have been coaching here in Tracy since 2007 and was in Pleasanton from 1996-2006 prior to moving to Tracy.

Over the last 35 years I have had the privilege of working with 1000’s of amazing young student athletes, coaches, martial artists and fighters. I have cross trained in multiple discipline’s of MMA and have worked with numerous State, National and Olympic athletes.

Though I have always worked full-time in various management positions traveling daily around the Bay Area and beyond, in addition to my coaching, it has always been my dream to open a gym. It is because of this busy schedule that the concept of TKO FIT was born.

I have developed and tested this system over many years and I know the time is now right to follow my passion.   TKO Fit is the culmination of years of physical fitness education, training and coaching combined with my business skills and experience.

TKO FIT is my vision of what the model for physical fitness should look like today…available when your schedule allows, delivering maximum results for your time investment, improving your confidence and most of all, lots of fun. The only way you’ll know if we can help you achieve or exceed your goals is to come try us out with a free workout and experience it firsthand. I look forward to meeting you.


Jesse Leanos

Assistant Manager

My dad is the owner of TKO FIT and besides being his son, I have been his pupil for many years as he coached wrestling for the schools I attended. He has always been an inspiring leader as well as a thoughtful and caring person. He has done wonders for many of the teams I was a part of and a favorite of my teammates.

I have learned just about everything I know about coaching athletes from my dad and the group of martial arts and kickboxing coaches he has worked with or are just close friends. Though my wrestling career ended after I graduated, physical fitness has been a passion of mine and I am continuously learning and am very excited to be able to help coach others to achieve their physical fitness goals.

I’m almost always here at TKO FIT now so when you come in be sure to ask for me and say hi. We look forward to explaining our methodology and taking you through a workout.

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Patrick Schereer


I am what most would consider a “gym rat”.

I spent 4 years of high school wrestling for Coach Tony and 5 years training and competing in Muay Thai Kickboxing. The last 5 years I’ve focused on weightlifting and training as a freestyle calisthenics athlete. I’ve competed across the country and most recently won the 2018 Calisthenics World Cup in Miami and earned the honor of representing the United States at the Calisthenics Super Final in Egypt this December.

I am very excited to be a part of the TKO FIT Team and what we are doing; helping people reach their fitness goals 35 minutes at a time.

I can’t wait to see you at the gym!